I Found an Artifact

The Historical Resources Act states that all archaeological and palaeontological artifacts belong to the Crown. It is illegal to excavate or collect artifacts without a permit. However, artifacts collected prior to 1975 are considered to be in the custodial care of those who collected them. As archaeologists, we want to know as much information about the artifact and its context, or where it was found, as possible.

If you do find an artifact, the best option is to photograph it, take a GPS point or describe its location as best as possible, and leave it where it is! You can then submit the information to Report a Find.

If you have already collected artifacts, the information about what it is and where it was found is still valuable. Contact the ASA or the Archaeological Survey to have your artifacts identified and provide information.

Think you have an archaeological artifact or found an archaeological site? Click the button below to report it to the Archaeological Survey.