Welcome to the Archaeological Society of Alberta: Edmonton Centre!
The Archaeological Society of Alberta: Edmonton Centre is currently the most northern chapter of the Archaeological Society of Alberta.  We are an Edmonton group that promotes Albertan and Canadian archaeology.  We host workshops, field trips and a speaker series on a yearly basis.

For over 40 years the Archaeological Society of Alberta has been an advocate for the study and preservation of the rich archaeological heritage of Alberta.  The Archaeological Society of Alberta provides opportunities for the public to learn more about Alberta's heritage by attending regular archaeological lectures, visiting archaeological sites, participating in archaeological research, and taking part in traditional skills workshops.

All members of the Archaeological Society of Alberta support the terms of the Alberta Historical Resources Act, which provides protection to all archaeological and paleontological sites.  For more information on this Act, please contact the Heritage Division of the Government of Alberta.

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of ancient history through material remains.  Archaeologists use excavation followed by analysis to understand past human societies and how they changed over time.  Through archaeology it is possible to reconstruct aspects of human society, such as human diet, housing, and lifestyle.